The Faces Behind the Project


About The Author: Holly Terei is a wife, a mother of 4 and a special needs advocate. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio Holly and her family moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2012. Her passion for special needs advocacy comes from her own special needs parenting journey. In 2011 she began the 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Support Group for the greater Atlanta area in efforts to help connect families effected by the syndrome, as well as raise awareness. In 2015 she facilitated "The Special Mommies Support Group" to help mothers across Gwinnett County connect, share and decompress in a safe, nonjudgmental and Christ-centered environment.

In 2017 Holly wrote her first children's book entitled: Jacob The Flapping Dinosaur Goes To School, about a young T-rex who is on the autism spectrum. Together, Holly and her Husband, Marian Terei started "The Noah Robert Project: A New Approach To Teaching Autism Acceptance", where they take their book into schools and educate children about autism, friendship and acceptance. Together, they desire to make a positive and lasting impact within the special needs community.

Their Inspiration: Noah Robert is a sweet, energetic boy and is the 2nd born child to Marian and Holly. Noah is also on the Autism Spectrum. At 5 years old Noah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a developmental disability characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication, and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

One of the most challenging things Noah's parents began to face began during the elementary school years. Most children Noah's age would not interact with him simply because they did not know how. Inspired by her daughter Lydia's approach to Noah's disability, Holly decided to use their relationship to teach other children about autism. Through the efforts of The Noah Robert Project and their latest title "Jacob the Flapping Dinosaur Goes to School", the Terei family has dedicated their lives to changing the way children learn about autism, not only for their son but for all children on the spectrum.