"So I Shouldn't Be Me?"

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Here at The Noah Robert Project, we are asking what inclusion means to you. Today's guest blogger shares her insight through the eyes of a special needs parent.

"So I Shouldn't Be Me?"

by: Jenn Glass

Recently, we watched Disney's Christopher Robin, and a quote intrigued me. Christopher, talking to Pooh says, "You're different. People don't like things that are different." 

To which Pooh replies " So, I shouldn't be me?" 

Being in the special needs community, this really hit hard with me. How many of us cheer for these types of statements in the movies or tv? However, in real life, we fall short of implementing them. Don't we all just want to be ourselves? Don't we want our children to do the same? Especially in the special needs community we really want our children to just be themselves, and be accepted. 

It's critical that we advocate to others, especially families with children the same age as our special ones. Every person's heart is to be accepted; not just tolerated, but actually integrated in our society. At some point in our lives, we will come across someone who is different than we are. It's so important for other parents to intentionally teach our children about those that are different from them. 

Many of our special kids can't help "being weird" or "strange" to others. It's not a reason for others, especially their peers, to laugh and point at them. We need to teach our typical children that everyone is different; their looks, their personalities. Some use wheels, some have sticks to help them walk, some even may have developmental challenges, but that is no reason to exclude them. Many of our children can't help the differences they have. So, Let's take Whinnie the Pooh's advice and just be ourselves. 

About the Author:
Jenn Glass is a homemaker in Frederick, Md. She is married with 2 special needs boys and a princess in the middle. Her time is spent between homeschooling and Dr/therapy appts. She is passionate about fitness and nutrition, and has big dreams for her kids! 

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